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Re-Ignite Your Fitness Fire

Everyone has fallen off the fitness wagon at some point. Some find it easy to get back on. While others never seem to find their way back. Changing your mindset is the best way to right the ship. Don’t think of a training break as a negative thing. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. […]

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How to Use Refeeds

Last week I wrote about busting through a fat loss plateau with refeeds, if you missed it, check it out HERE. This article will help you better understand how to properly design your refeeds. 5 steps to a proper refeed… 1. Know your calories…you must first know how many calories you are consuming each day […]

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break through

Break Through Your Fat Loss Plateaus

When fat loss stalls, what do you do? This is a situation that everyone faces at some point during their fat loss program. The most common strategy people try is to either eat less calories or lower carbohydrate intake. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what you should do. Instead you should add in one […]

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5 Myths About Sugar

Sugar has been blamed for much of the obesity problem that plagues America.  But it is not the only culprit, the list should include… Artificial Sweeteners Organic Sugar Natural Sweeteners All are bad, so rather than thinking, it’s fine to eat as much as we want because it’s not “sugar”, instead limit consumption of all […]

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