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Flatten Your Belly By Summer

Do you want to flatten your belly before the summer? Would you feel more confident going to the beach with a slimmer mid-section? You can have it and in time for summer too! It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is train your transverse abdominis properly. What’s the transverse? The transverse, or “corset muscle”, […]

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Summertime Abs Workout

It’s almost May which means beach season is soon here.  To get your body swimsuit ready for Memorial weekend, here is a good ab workout that will challenge all levels of core strength. You’ll do only three exercises for 15 reps each for a total of 4 rounds.  Complete as quickly as possible but rest […]

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Triple Your Fat Loss Kettlebell Complex

We are all in search of the perfect workout or program to get results as fast as possible. Although there is no “perfect” workout, complexes are hands down the best use of your training time. Note: Complex– a series of compound exercises performed sequentially using the same weight. All the reps for one exercise are completed before […]

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