measuring tape and the diet word

The ONE Truth About Weight Loss

It seems that everyday we are bombarded with yet another way to lose weight. And it seems that each day contradicts the previous day’s claim. So, with all this noise, what is someone to believe, if they want to lose weight? The only truth is that you MUST have a calorie deficit to lose weight. […]

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female abdominal muscles

30-minute Summertime Ab Workout

Here’s a killer ab workout to use this weekend. All you need is 30 minutes, a kettlebell, and an ab wheel. Part 1: Set a timer for 20 minutes. During the first minute complete 20 kettlebell swings, then rest for the remaining time in that minute. Next minute, complete 20 crawls, then rest. Continue alternating […]

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no sleep

Rest your way to better results

After a super crazy month, the biggest challenge for me is getting caught up on rest. I’m back to regular workouts and while my strength & conditioning feel great, my rest/recovery seem to be lacking. Naps have become commonplace, nothing too crazy, but 15 minutes or so, when needed. Unfortunately, it seems like they’ve become […]

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What to do when life gets busy

The past month, especially the last week, has been a complete whirlwind of stress and shortage of time. I’m completing the remodel of my new house and preparing for the move in which is scheduled for today, so I’ve had almost zero time to train. Rather than give myself excuses to skip sessions, I’ve decided […]

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