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Quick Fat-Burning Kettlebell Complex

If you’re looking for the quickest fat-burning workouts, then complexes are your best option. In as little as 15 minutes you can get one heck of a strength and conditioning workout using only a single kettlebell and your body weight. Check it out… Here’s the workout… 20 sec of each exercise with no rest between […]

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Republic of Strength Christmas Challenge!

Every year the holidays come and go leaving most people bummed out from the added calories, drinking and lack of physical activity, Well, this year is gonna be different! And, no, I am not taking away the yummy foods and drinks. Instead, I’m incentivizing activity. That means that as long as you workout in some […]

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Kettlebell Carries for 6 Pack Abs

Kettlebell carries are a killer way to hit your abs, while simultaneously increasing strength.  Although they may look easy to do, carries can be very difficult if a heavy enough weight is chosen. Vary your loads from low position to overhead position to attack your abs from different angles. Add two kettlebells or two kettlebells […]

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