Pre-Thanksgiving Workout

If you are anything like me and plan to eat a healthy portion of Thanksgiving Dinner today, then you need to try out this workout… (I don’t condone overeating, but I do eat two Turkey Dinners one at 5pm and the other at 8pm) Here’s the workout using 1 kettlebell… Complete as fast as possible […]

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21 Tips to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

It’s inevitable that the holidays will bring stress, distractions, and missed training sessions.  Plus desserts, drinking, and other non-healthy food choices. But you don’t have to let that effect your state of fitness.  Not this year. Instead make the decision to be more active and minimize the nutrition sabotaging. Here’s a checklist of 21 ways […]

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Road goal

Enjoy Your Journey in Fitness

Far too often, our fitness and body recomposition goals are focused too far down the road. I blame slows like “Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Weight Loss” for the grossly inaccurate portrayal of body transformation and the time it takes to achieve these results. In the real world, where people have jobs, families, and commitments these […]

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