The Big 5 Principles of Fat Loss

Between television and the Internet, we are overwhelmed with conflicting fat loss programs. But if you look at the bigger picture of every fat loss program, they all follow the same 5 principles Always begin your fat loss program by adhering to these 5 principles, then after your results slow down or halt, you can […]

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The Movie Star Body Transformation “Secret”

Each year we see one movie star after another transforming their bodies for different roles. Some add weight or lose weight, but the most impressive are the body’s that are transformed into superheroes or sports athletes, by adding muscle and losing fat. What’s their “secret”? It’s not the trainer, diet, or a special “detox”. Instead […]

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healthy snack

Healthy Snacks On The Go

Snacking is a necessity for most busy people to help span the gap between meals and prevent hunger pangs. Unfortunately, many snacks can be disastrous to your health and fitness goals, since most “on the go” snacks are processed, provide no nutritional value, and contain a bunch of garbage. Even the “healthy” variety should be […]

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