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Divide and Conquer Your Nutrition

Do you find making a complete overhaul of your current nutrition a bit scary? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here is a simple way to start changing your eating habits and start losing weight in 5 steps… Make a normal sized breakfast, eat only half, and save second half for later. 2-3 hours later, […]

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Fall Slim Down Blueprint (Part III)

To transform your body you must lift weights. By doing so you will burn calories while working out and increase metabolism for an additional 38 hours, if done with heavy weights and little rest. On top of that, adding a single pound of muscle will increase metabolism by 50 calories per day, even if you […]

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Fall Slim Down Blueprint (Part II)

The best method for shedding body fat is definitely lifting weights with short rest periods. But if you’re already following a good weight training fat loss program and still want an additional boost in fat burning, look no further than sprint intervals. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’re “sprinting” is not at 100%, I’m taking […]

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Fall Slim Down Blueprint

It’s fall, or the second summer if you live in California, and at the studio, it’s the second biggest time of year for people to re-focus on their health (the first being January, the customary New Years resolution rush). This year our 6 Week Transformation Challenge falls at the perfect time to help drop those […]

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