Fix Your Hydration to Improve Fitness and Weight Loss

Drinking water and staying hydrated is an absolute necessity for life. Water comprises over 55% of our bodies and is needed to control body temperature, regulate blood pressure, and remove waste. Although drinking water sounds simple, most people overlook it in their daily lives. Grabbing the wrong type of fluids throughout the day like sodas, […]

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Supercharge Your Fat Loss Today (Part III)

Here’s the third installment of the short, intense fat burning workouts that you can complete in 20 minutes of less. This style of workout which contains an interval and a complex is a love/hate relationship with me. I love that… it’s quick uses one kettlebell produces amazing results increases metabolism 9 fold literally melts off […]

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Supercharge Your Fat Loss Today (Part II)

A highly effective way to torch body fat is by increasing the intensity of your training session. Basically, working more than resting and pushing yourself out of the “comfort” zone. One of my favorite ways to do this, when I am short on time, is through countdowns.  These workouts are simple, yet can be so […]

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Supercharge Your Fat Loss Today

Only a few more weeks left in the summer, so it’s time to kick the fat loss training into high gear. Maybe you let training slide a little the last two months or fell off the nutrition wagon most the summer. Well, don’t be overly concerned, I’ve got just the solution for you. Look no […]

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