About Us

Republic of Strength is the ultimate training facility for strength, conditioning, and fat loss in Orange County, CA.  Your results are guaranteed by owner Owen Evans.  With over 15 years of experience in private and large group training, Owen brings a unique philosophy of movement and strength-based training to all sessions.  As a member, you will get individualized attention in every session, whether you choose semi-private instruction or large group classes, with exceptional coaches and motivators to assist you every step of the way guaranteeing quicker results.

Owen Evans brings with him the hardstyle kettlebell training techniques developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), and StrongFirst Girya,  the “gold standards” for kettlebell certifications. Utilizing the kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, Owen provides a unique strength and conditioning program focusing on movement quality, full-body strength, flexibility, fat loss, and conditioning.

Republic of Strength is not your average gym, or “Crossfit”, instead our training is about YOU and making YOU stronger, more fit and looking better.  We separate ourselves from the others by providing individualized training programs focused first on movement quality, proficiency in technique, and education, then adding strength and conditioning when appropriate. Known for our exceptional coaching and community, Republic of Strength offers semi-private training and group training options that will suit any busy schedule and fitness goal. Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching, classes or small group training, you will have the attention of two coaches to assure you reach your goals quicker and injury-free.

We are completely dedicated to YOU, motivating and coaching you in every aspect of your life to guarantee you achieve your individual goals. Make the commitment to yourself and allow us to take your strength and conditioning to a new level, shed unwanted body fat, and add lean muscle, NOW.

Owen Evans

With more than 15 years of experience as a fitness professional and coach, Owen has transformed the bodies of both women and men, young and old. Equipped with a positive attitude, a desire to coach his clients to their goals, and the know-how to do it, Owen inspires and motivates his clients to create better bodies and live healthier lifestyles.

Owen understands the psychological and physical obstacles facing people starting a new training program and offers logical and attainable nutritional and exercise strategies to help any20140618_kb_175one better understand their potential. Under the belief that there are no cookie-cutter workout routines for the masses and that each person is an individual with unique circumstances.  Owen strives to create distinct training and nutritional programs based upon each client’s body type, activity level, and personal goals.  Making your fitness fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Owen attended St. Bonaventure University in New York, graduating with a degree in Chemistry. As a lacrosse and rugby player his passion for fitness grew stronger and began a personal training internship during his senior year of college.  After moving to Los Angeles in 2001, he continued to successfully coach clients to significant weight losses and lean muscle gains.

In 2008, Owen happened to stumble upon kettlebells, when he was researching a cure for his ailing shoulders. After reading numerous stories about the restorative benefits of the Turkish Get-Up exercise, he purchased a kettlebell and began a month of training that consisted of only kettlebell swings mingled with the Turkish Get-Up. To his surprise, the shoulder pain subsided within the month.  Owen was immediately convinced of the benefits of kettlebell training and started to dive deeper into the teachings of Pavel Tsatsouline.

After months of practice, Owen received his Level I Certification from the RKC and Pavel in 2008. He began to train clients and himself exclusively with kettlebells and saw amazing results. In 2010, he received his certification as a Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS), enabling him to work as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and further assist his clients in achieving their physical goals by addressing fundamental movement issues which can hinder strength, conditioning and body transformation goals.