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Improve your Overhead Press

Being able to lift heavy weights overhead takes extreme amounts of full body strength, stability and mobility. Plus, it looks impressive hoisting heavy objects overhead. When I view pressing strength I’m focused on relative strength. Being strong relative to your body weight is an indication of overall fitness. For guys doing a half body weight […]

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The Mostest Important Exercise

When I first got started with kettlebells I did so in an attempt to fix two very achy shoulders.  After years of heavy bench presses left my shoulders completely wrecked.  I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up with pain. Rather than going to physical therapy, I decided to fix them myself…I don’t condone […]

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How NOT to Suck at Squats:)

We are all different shapes and sizes, therefore our squat depths will vary some, but if your version of a squat reaches the depth of a bar stool, you’re doing it wrong. With proper focus and drills we all should be able to reach at least hip to knee depth and most people much lower. […]

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