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Your Holiday Fitness Survival Tip

The Christmas season is an extremely busy time of year for everyone. From end of year work deadlines to holiday parties to family commitments, you are left with little to no time to train and eat right on most days. Rather than committing to doing more this season, try doing less. Find the minimal effective […]

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How to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Why is it that the fitness industry is so populated with extreme training and diets? If your workout doesn’t leave you in a pool of your own sweat and blood, then it’s not enough. If your cardio isn’t at max heart rate for 60minutes, you won’t lose weight. Interval training until you puke. Eliminate carbs, […]

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Improve your Overhead Press

Being able to lift heavy weights overhead takes extreme amounts of full body strength, stability and mobility. Plus, it looks impressive hoisting heavy objects overhead. When I view pressing strength I’m focused on relative strength. Being strong relative to your body weight is an indication of overall fitness. For guys doing a half body weight […]

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The Mostest Important Exercise

When I first got started with kettlebells I did so in an attempt to fix two very achy shoulders.  After years of heavy bench presses left my shoulders completely wrecked.  I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up with pain. Rather than going to physical therapy, I decided to fix them myself…I don’t condone […]

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Try this before your cheat meal…

A couple weeks back I wrote about “minimum effective dose”, doing the smallest dose to get a desired result. Well, I’ve been playing around with this idea being combined with cheat meals. Cheat meals or eating outside of your normal meal plan is expected and doesn’t make you a bad person. I’ve heard of people […]

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