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30-minute Summertime Ab Workout

Here’s a killer ab workout to use this weekend. All you need is 30 minutes, a kettlebell, and an ab wheel. Part 1: Set a timer for 20 minutes. During the first minute complete 20 kettlebell swings, then rest for the remaining time in that minute. Next minute, complete 20 crawls, then rest. Continue alternating […]

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What to do when life gets busy

The past month, especially the last week, has been a complete whirlwind of stress and shortage of time. I’m completing the remodel of my new house and preparing for the move in which is scheduled for today, so I’ve had almost zero time to train. Rather than give myself excuses to skip sessions, I’ve decided […]

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Running vs Kettlebell Swings…

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away it was believed that running or “traditional cardio” was necessary for losing weight or fat. Boy, could that not be further from the truth. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you like running, then run. But for others, running can be shear torture and is not necessary […]

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Summertime Abs Workout

It’s almost May which means beach season is soon here.  To get your body swimsuit ready for Memorial weekend, here is a good ab workout that will challenge all levels of core strength. You’ll do only three exercises for 15 reps each for a total of 4 rounds.  Complete as quickly as possible but rest […]

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