The Mostest Important Exercise

When I first got started with kettlebells I did so in an attempt to fix two very achy shoulders.  After years of heavy bench presses left my shoulders completely wrecked.  I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up with pain. Rather than going to physical therapy, I decided to fix them myself…I don’t condone […]

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Try this before your cheat meal…

A couple weeks back I wrote about “minimum effective dose”, doing the smallest dose to get a desired result. Well, I’ve been playing around with this idea being combined with cheat meals. Cheat meals or eating outside of your normal meal plan is expected and doesn’t make you a bad person. I’ve heard of people […]

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How NOT to Suck at Squats:)

We are all different shapes and sizes, therefore our squat depths will vary some, but if your version of a squat reaches the depth of a bar stool, you’re doing it wrong. With proper focus and drills we all should be able to reach at least hip to knee depth and most people much lower. […]

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