It’s inevitable that you will eat and drink extra every holiday season. There’s parties, time with friends, and an abundance of holiday treats.

If you’re like most Americans, this will lead to an extra 5lbs! Yikes, that’s scary. Especially for someone that’s spent the majority of the year eating right and exercising themselves down to a leaner figure.

But you don’t have to be the “average” American. You can keep the weight gain to a minimum with these 10 Tips…

  1. Chew slowly and enjoy your food
  2. Pre-depletion workout…I wrote about this a few weeks back, check it out HERE
  3. Train at least 4 days per week to offset the extra calorie consumption over the holidays
  4. Protein and veggies first…fill yourself up with the healthiest options first, then eat your carbs last, so there is less room to over do it.
  5. Stop eating when satisfied not stuffed…if you feel like your belly’s gonna bust then you’re eating way too much.
  6. Focus on resistance training at the gym, meaning strength training…cardio is a waste of time at keeping fat off, muscle is the best weapon against fat gain.
  7. Plan your weekly cheat meal around a party or meal you plan to have with friends…that way you don’t have to be the “picky” one
  8. Eat a balance of protein, carbs, fats, and veggies every meal…by combining all types of macronutrients you reduce the impact of fat gain.
  9. Take the stairs whenever possible
  10. Participate in a fitness challenge to keep you motivated and accountable over the holidays.

In the studio last year members were successful in holding off the “Holiday 5” by participating in our Christmas MyZone Challenge. We were so excited about the results that we have decided to bring the Challenge back again this year.

  • Who can enter? Anyone with a MyZone belt registered to Republic of Strength (read below for upcoming deals on MyZone belts)
  • What are the dates? Thanksgiving to January 1st, 2017
  • The Challenge: Earn 1 ticket into the raffle for every 120 MEPs earned each day of training in the studio.
  • Prizes: $150 cash grand prize, massage, t-shirts, and more.

Get a belt. Earn points. Win cash and prizes!!