The Business Owner’s Dilemma

Many business owners struggle to find the balance between their business budgets and their employees well-being. The spiraling cycle of rising health insurance costs, business taxes, unproductive employees, create mountains of paperwork and a drain on their time. With over 41% of American workers mired in chronic illness and the complexity of insurance programs to deal with, business owners are caught in the middle. Their bottom line really shows the effects.

Business owners who supplied good and useful wellness information to their employees and the occasional speaker saw some positive changes, yet not the lasting results they wanted. Without action nothing much changes. The keys to that action are exercise and proper nutrition. Business owners need support in helping their employees become more engaged in their own healthcare.
How does your workforce compare to the national average?
Statistically if there are 100 people in a company…

  • 1 uses cocaine
  • 5 are being treated for diabetes
  • 10 drink alcohol heavily
  • 10 have high blood pressure
  • 10 have diabetes (5 don’t know they have it)
  • 25 smoke cigarettes
  • 25 have high cholesterol
  • 25 have heart disease
  • 30 are overweight by more than 20%
  • 50 feel they are under moderate stress

These unhealthy lifestyles and habits all contribute to the escalation of healthcare costs. In addition they result in decreased productivity and increased injury and absenteeism. Most are the result of treatable illnesses, conscious decisions, inadequate information and ignorance.
Source: United Health Foundation and American Public Health Association Annual Report, Presented December 2005 and The Wellness Councils of America. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Fundamentals of Workplace Health Promotion, p.24 1995