Online Coaching Program

The Republic of Strength online coaching program is not a cookie-cutter training system, each participant’s program is developed with the individual in mind. From goals to training environment to lifestyle, programs are tailored to specifically fit each client and every workout utilizes readily available equipment, either in a gym or in-home.

For far less than the cost of a personal trainer at a gym, coaching clients are provided with proven methods of training designed to achieve specific goals and to fit into any busy lifestyle. Every nutrition plan is designed to achieve a person’s goals and each program is tailored to fit even the busiest of lifestyles – not the other way around. The money saved on food bills will pay for the training almost immediately!

  1. Decide you want to make a change.
  2. Admit that you are not a trainer or nutritionist and you are not smarter than one. Accept the fact that the fitness magazine workouts you’ve tried millions of times before will never work.
  3. Decide it’s time to find a coach with a proven track record of delivering results.
  4. Fill out the Application for Coaching TODAY.
  5. Commit to your program 100%.
  6. Dedicate your mind, body and schedule to all parts of your program.
  7. Reach your goals faster than you thought possible and be amazed by the new you in the mirror everyday!

Each month during your coaching program, you will receive an updated training program based on bi-weekly assessments and progress reports. Your meal plans will change monthly as you pass each goal milestone along the way. Through constant email support, your program will be adjusted to keep you constantly challenged, enabling results to be achieved more quickly.

Do NOT waste another minute, doing the same workouts and expecting different results. Complete the Online Coaching Application below to receive a FREE 15-minute One-on-One Coaching Session with Owen over Skype, FaceTime or Phone!  Start the coaching program today and put yourself in position to reach your goals now! Find out exactly what you need to do to FINALLY get that body you have always wanted!

To be considered for the Online Coaching Program, please complete the application below…