Here are a few frequently asked questions, if your question is not answered in this list please feel free to email us at info@republicofstrength.com.


1. I have never done kettlebells before, are classes appropriate for me?

Yes, if you do not have a recent injury or another issue that might require individual attention.  In the case that you do, you would need to start with a semi-private session to determine the best way to proceed with classes or semi-private training.


2. I’m out if shape, have an old injury, bad back, am older, etc., are kettlebells right for me?

Yes, the training provided at Republic of Strength is safe and effective for all ages and abilities. Our job is to help you move better, learn proper technique, increase strength, and get you in the best shape possible. 


3. Do kettlebells hurt your back?

Nope, but doing them with terrible form is bad for your back. But doing any exercise improperly, whether kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight or Zumba…well maybe not Zumba, can hurt your back or cause injury. That is why our program is focused on instructing proper technique and teaching strength training principles first and why we are such sticklers about form at all times at Republic of Strength.  


4. Do I need my own kettlebell?

No, we have plenty of kettlebells and sandbags for all people of varying strengths and abilities.  

5. I hurt myself the other day, can I still train?

No, if you are injured you need to seek a medical professional about your condition and be cleared for all activities prior to training at Republic of Strength. If you need a recommendation of a qualified professional that is pro kettlebell training and will get you back training ASAP, because that’s what we all want, please email info@republicofstrength.com.  


6. I have some pain and movement issues, is kettlebell class right for me? 

Once the pain is cleared by a medical professional, kettlebell class is an option but not always appropriate for everyone. There are occasions where individuals will require more one-on-one attention due to movement issues or past injuries, in these cases, semi-private training (up to 4 people with an instructor) will be required to keep safety as a priority, work correctives and give proper individualized guidance to accelerate results.