We are all different shapes and sizes, therefore our squat depths will vary some, but if your version of a squat reaches the depth of a bar stool, you’re doing it wrong. With proper focus and drills we all should be able to reach at least hip to knee depth and most people much lower.

If you’ve got fitness goals, either strength, weight loss, fat loss, or anything else, you’re gonna need to squat and use a full range of mothion. Doing so will work more muscles and burn more calories now and long after you’ve finished, since squats have a high “afterburn” effect. Plus, squats are a functional pattern that everyone should own…we all squatted perfectly as infants.

When you squat you will use nearly every muscle in your body, especially…
-Abs…all parts
-and depending on how you’re holding the weight, possibly biceps, delts, forearms, etc.

Pretty incredible exercise, right? The list of muscles used should indicate the importance of the squat in any program. It’s just a kick ass exercise that kicks your ass;)

Most people don’t like doing them because they are difficult. Well, if you’re training to reach any goal, I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s gonna be difficult and you will have to work hard. There’s no getting around that.

So, since squats are uber important, you might want to invest some time to do them correctly.

Here’s a common issue with squats…

Here’s how to fix it…

Now, go put your new squat to good use and push some heavy weights. Your body will thank you later.