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Joe Reed:


Yana Lamina:

“I came to see Owen after I injured my back and my shoulder at work. I was in pain every day, and I didn’t know if I need to quit my job. I was very frustrated because traditional physical therapy alleviated only part of my pain, and doctors recommended me to start steroids shots. In addition, I was doing acupuncture and yoga, but still continued to struggle with the pain.

After I started kettlebell training with gradual increase in intensity of exercises I started to feel stronger, my abdominal muscles were able to support my back, and I do not have any pain even after working 12 hours shifts at my job. I even feel much younger, my coordination is much better, and even my reflexes started to be much faster. It is an amazing change. And I can say for sure, that even when I was 18 years old, I have never felt as good and as young as now.

Thank you, Owen!!!”

Yana L.









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Sam, Lost 19lbs

New Addiction to Kettlebells
“I was introduced to Laguna Beach Kettlebell (previous location for Owen’s classes) via an awesome Amazon deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  I’d only heard about kettlebell but I’m the type that is always up for something new and challenging.  Owen is very knowledgeable about this form of exercise and is very helpful in your form and movements.  His class setting is perfect, a good mix of new people, regulars and what look like pros!!! Being new, I never hesitated in watching someone’s form or asking questions of the other students if I had any. His class is challenging, leaving you motivated and feeling great! Great job Owen!! Thank you for introducing me to a new addiction!!!!”
-Stephanie Hall, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Insane Results in Little Time
“More than anything, Owen is a TEACHER of health and fitness. I’ve learned more from him in two months in this respect than I have in my entire life. The principles, techniques and new exercises I have learned have changed how I will view fitness for the rest of my life. Owen’s classes rock! I’ve never looked forward to a workout more than with Owen and his kettlebell training. And, of course, the results have been huge! I have been able to put on size while decreasing body fat consistently – I’m a KB fan for life! Thanks Owen!”
– James Wedmore, Laguna Beach, CA

I’ve Tried the Rest, Kettlebells are the Best
“Kettlebells with Owen was my first introduction to this cast iron cannon ball thing with a handle I will forever use in my exercise routine. I’ve tried all form of workout…. running, Bikram yoga, Pilates, TRX, starvation (j/k) and have never seen quicker results than working out with the KB. Weight loss, getting toned, and feeling stronger where all part of my workout goals and Owen’s classes made it easy to achieve with sustainable results.  If you like to sweat and see results then I’d highly recommend you try this workout.”
-Sarah Jacks, Laguna Beach, CA

Extremely Knowledgeable; Focused on Results
“I really don’t know any other trainer who is as knowledgeable or passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals as is Owen. He can instantly see where you body is prone to injury and is extremely focused on how to get the best results possible in the safest way. I would highly recommend Owen to anyone who really, seriously wants to see results, and particularly to anyone who is recovering from any kind of injury.
Unlike many trainers, he recognizes that each body is unique and knows to get you in better shape that you ever thought was possible. I have been working out for years and thought that was just how my body was until I started working with kettlebells and Owen. His workouts gave me a strength and tone I have never felt before with any other workout – better still, I don’t have to work out for hours to see results. Owen has made me realize what my body can really achieve under the right guidance and instruction.”
–  Elizabeth Hurst, Laguna Beach, CA

Discovery of Lost Function
“Owen has a great understanding of human movement and how the body functions. In learning the Turkish Get-Up, it became clear that my right side was significantly weaker than my left side. We traced this to a back problem I had which was surgically repaired 17 years ago. Owen gave me specific exercises to strengthen my right side and to wake up my gluts, and ultimately balanced out my getup. I had seen physical therapists during my recovery and none had identified nor addressed this issue. I am certain this discovery will assist me in reaching my fitness goals. Owen is an excellent instructor whom I highly recommend.”
– Patty Collins, Laguna Beach, CA

Outstanding Coach of RKC Principles
“Owen is a great trainer – and I’ve had my share of trainers. He will always point out what you are doing incorrectly with a swing or clean, and will then identify how to best communicate the methods whereby you can achieve maximum results.
In my opinion, encouraging the best methods for long-term results is a rare trait among most trainers. You will often be guided through a set of movements and driven to finish strong even if there are fundamental faults in your progress. Owen is the kind of passionate instructor who will stop you completely once a bad habit is developing and ensure correction to build a strong foundation for future success as a student of KB training. I highly recommend Owen’s training and look forward to continued success with his guidance and experience at hand.”
– Joseph Jacks, Newport Beach, CA

“I first started my kettlebell training with Owen about two months ago. I initially took a couple private sessions to solidify technique for future progression. Owen and I immediately bonded as individuals passionate about their craft – perfecting the human body. I have since been involved in Owen’s classes three times per week and owe my learning and progression to his guidance in class.
Owen possesses a unique sense of leadership and understanding of the human body and how it is supposed to move. He believes in the need to develop a sound foundation and technique before progressing into more difficult movements. Owen started teaching the Kettlebell Swing and did not allow the group to progress until each person mastered the move. I admire that!
It has been my pleasure meeting Owen and learning more and more about the world of kettlebell training. His knowledge and style are the best I have seen.”
– Michael DiDomenico, Laguna Beach, CA

Stickler for Form
“Owen is an excellent instructor and balances the flow of attending to individual needs of students while keeping a cohesive class feeling. He is a stickler for form (which I love) and is very knowledgeable in general about fitness. I have tried a wide variety of exercise classes in the area, and this is one of my favorites.”
-Casey Raasumaa, Laguna Hills, CA

Great Instructor for Post-Rehab Exercise
“After suffering a very limiting ACL tear and full-reconstruction surgery, I stopped working out nearly 10 years ago. Now, in my 30s, my age and lack of movement started to catch up with me. I began working with Owen Evans and his mastery of kettlebell training knowledge about five months ago and I’m so glad I did. Not only does he pay specific attention to past injuries and is able to modify exercises accordingly, he pays attention to each individual’s level of physical activity within a group atmosphere and brings each person up to speed in a positive, upbeat atmosphere.
I would absolutely recommend this workout to anyone at any level workout ability. It WILL get you in shape and it will keep you motivated.”
-Tanya Yacina, Laguna Beach, CA